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This whole mix connects to my story, Fight (which was inspired by the second song in the mix.) In the story, Tim goes to Gibbs to get his boss to let Tony go, to tell Tony that they will never be in a relationship, so that Tony can move on. Tim isn’t completely altruistic in it, he is love with Tony, and so it is an unrequited love triangle.

All ficlets are third person point of view. Most revolve around Tim’s side of things but a few are from Tony’s.

Lyrics are in italics

go here for the songs!/playlist/NCIS+Challenge/74584917 


Title: Never Be the Same

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 209

Characters: (unrequited) Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 1, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes (Tony enters Tim’s life in a whirlwind.)

The Norfolk Office was never quiet. There was always something going on. Tim always had people to talk to, paperwork to complete, and rules to abide by. He kept his work area neat and tidy, his growing up in a military home shining through. But just a couple of hours with one Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo had everything a mess. Suddenly there were candy wrappers everywhere, even though Tim had never seen the senior field agent open a snack. Tim wondered if the older man kept extra trash in his pockets just to strew around and annoy him.

As Tony moved around the small office space, Tim wished he’d had some way of knowing what he was getting into.  I’m gonna wish I had a storm warning. Something to predict just how much damage is coming my way,’ he thought to himself. Tim couldn’t stand the clutter but he could appreciate the jock’s strong muscles, his bright smile, and his beautiful eyes. Even though the case didn’t take that long, it was easy to see Tony was a lot of things – a chatterbox, movie aficionado, and a damn good agent. It wasn’t hard for Tim to fall. It wasn’t hard to see that Tony was a beautiful mess.


Title: Look at Me

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 216

Characters: (unrequited) Tim/Tony, (unrequited) Tony/Gibbs

Spoilers: if you watched past season 1, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Watching You Watch Him by Eric Hutchinson (Tim loves Tony from afar.)

Working with Tony was a curse and a blessing. Tim loved seeing the man every day, even with the hazing he had to go through, the nicknames and menial tasks. But it was a curse when he had to watch the way Tony acted around their boss. He was like a puppy trying to please his master. It made Tim sick, Tony’s devotion, not that Tim didn’t feel any loyalty to Gibbs, he did. Their boss had brought him onto the team, but Tony went beyond expectations. Tim couldn’t help his jealousy. He wished Tony looked at him with half the emotion he had for Gibbs. And Gibbs just seemed oblivious to it all. Well, Tim reasoned, Gibbs was as oblivious as Tony was to Tim’s feelings.

God only knows why I still wait around,” Tim muttered as he watched Tony drop off another coffee for their boss. Tony smiled to the older man and when Gibbs didn’t even say thank you, his smiled dimmed slightly. Tim hated him for it. He knew how lucky they were to have Tony. With a small laugh and a shrug, Tony went back to his desk. ‘If you only looked at me the way you looked at him…’ Tim thought as Tony got to work, ‘I’d treat you better.’


Title: Lend an Ear

Author: blumvale

Rating: PG

Words: 289

Characters: (unrequited) Tim/Tony, (unrequited) Tony/Gibbs

Spoilers: if you watched past season 1, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: My Kind of Love by Emeli Sande (Tim loves Tony and is there for him no matter what.)

Tony slammed his beer down on the counter with a loud bang. Tim flinched at the sound but no one else at the bar seemed perturbed by the sound. Of course they were all wrapped up in their own conversations, problems, and drinks to pay the two agents any mind.

“I just don’t get him,” Tony complained as he gestured for the bar tender to bring him another bottle. “Why couldn’t he just-“ Tony cut himself off and Tim wondered what he was going to say. It wasn’t like he hadn’t heard it all before. As much as Tony worshipped Gibbs, sometimes his frustrations leaked through and he would vent to Tim. He never seemed to know how his words affected the younger man, how every conversation that revolved around their boss was a stab to Tim’s heart.

“I’ve been working for him for over 5 years, Probie… I just don’t know how much more of this I can take. I feel like there is nothing I can do to please him.” The bar tender brought over a couple of beers, figuring since Tim was almost done with his that he’d want another. But before he could drain the last of his drink, Tony had polished them both off.

Throwing some money down on the counter, Tim stood. “Come on DiNozzo, let’s get you home.” He put a hand on Tony’s shoulder to guide him out of the bar.

“Thanks for listening Probie. I’m lucky you’re here for me,” the older agent’s words were slightly slurred.

“No problem Tony,” Tim replied. Then low, so that he wouldn’t be heard, he said, “When no matter what you do, it’s never good enough, that’s when you feel my kind of love.”


Title: Set Me Free

Author: blumvale

Rating: PG

Words: 271

Characters: (unrequited) Tim/Tony, (unrequited) Tony/Gibbs

Spoilers: if you watched past season 1, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Free by Graffiti6 (Tim asking Tony to let him go.)

It had been months since Tim had gone to Gibbs asking him to let DiNozzo ‘go.’ Months of watching Tony try to gain his footing back, of being a shoulder to learn on, an ear for secrets, and basically being the best friend he could be to the older man. And now Tim found he couldn’t do it anymore. Tony was moving on and he needed to do the same. He’d fought for Tony when he’d gone to Gibbs, and now he had to fight for himself.

Tim knocked on Tony’s door and was happy he didn’t have to wait long for it to swing open. “Tim, what are you doing here?” Tony asked confused, but he still moved out of the way so Tim could enter his apartment.

Moving into the living room, Tim said, “Sorry for coming over unannounced but we need to talk.”

“We need to talk?” Tony teased, a smile on his face. “What are we teenage girls?”

“I can’t do this anymore, being just your friend,” Tim cut right to the quick, wiping Tony’s smile off his face. “You’ve loved Gibbs a long time… and I’ve loved you almost as long. But I can’t do it anymore.” Even as he was breaking his own heart, Tim continued, “I need someone to hold me, wrap their arms, and embrace the air I breathe. I can’t stay beside you cause you steal my soul when you leave. So on Monday, I’m going to give Gibbs the papers to transfer down to Cyber Crimes...” Unable to look Tony in the eye Tim turned and walked back to the door.


Title: You Were Right, I Was Wrong

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 244

Characters: Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 1, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Kiss Me Again by We Are the In Crowd (featuring Alex Gaskarth) (Tony convinces Tim to try.)

Tony stood there dumbstruck. Probie loved him? No. Tony shook his head. Tim loved him? He always prized himself on being a good investigator but this had passed right under his nose. ‘How did I miss it?’ he thought to himself as he stared at the door Tim had just exit from. Suddenly the support, beer and pizza made sense. Tim had supported him because they were friends but also because he hoped that someday Tony would…

In a mad dash, Tony ran down the stairs of his apartment building. Tim had just left but if he had fled like Tony had from Gibb’s house months prior, then he had a slim chance of catching him. Throwing the front door open Tony stumbled onto the street. He looked around wildly. “Probie!” He yelled, hoping to spot the younger man. “Tim!” He tried again. And then he saw him, fumbling with his car keys on the far side of the street. Crossing without looking, Tony strode over, turned Tim around, and kissed him. It was quick and messy, Tim’s mouth open in surprise, and far from perfect but it was perfect. He pulled back.

“No Cyber Cimes,” Tony ordered and Tim just shook his head no, in awe of what had just happened. Not caring that they were on the street where anyone could see them, Tony continued his demands, “Now put your arms around me and kiss me again.”

Tim was happy to oblige.


Title: Faking It

Author: blumvale

Rating: PG

Words: 327

Characters: Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 3, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: The Story by (Grey’s Anatomy version) (The boys spend time together.)

For all the time they’ve, known each other, all the cases and stories they’ve shared, there is still much for them to learn about each other. Tony talks about his mother sometimes and Tim tells countless stories about how Sarah drove him nuts as a kid. Pizza and beer is suddenly more intimate. Passing a drink is the perfect chance for a subtle or often in Tony’s case, a not so subtle touch. Sitting on the couch for a game gets replaced by making out and dirty talk of what they’ll do later. It’s so easy, this transition of friends to something more, that Tim can’t help but smile.

“You know one of the best things about you McGee?” Tony asks after Tim shows up with his favorite pizza.

“You mean aside from my knowledge of what you consider perfect pizza toppings?”

“Yes, although that is at the top.” Tony takes the box out of Tim’s hands and gives him a quick kiss on the lips. “But what’s just below it, is how you really do know me. I don’t have to pretend with you.”

Tim’s not sure where this is coming from, but he likes it. He does pride himself on being pretty fluent in DiNozzo. He has had enough practice, after all. “I don’t pretend with you either.”

“Oh that’s pretty obvious Timmy. We both know you’re a terrible liar.” The friendly jibe leads the two men to wrestling and then to heated kisses and then to soft lazy ones while sitting on the kitchen floor. The pizza has long been forgotten; they can heat it up later, when their limbs don’t feel like jelly.

“I mean it Tim. When we’re at work, and I’m goofing around, you… you just get me. You see the smile that’s on my mouth; it’s hiding the words that don’t come out. And you still get me.”

Tim blushes at the compliment and can’t think of anything to say.


Title: I Can Love You Better

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 254

Characters: Tim/Tony, past (unrequited) Tony/Gibbs

Spoilers: if you watched past season 3, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Heartbeat by Scouting for Girls (Tim thinks he’s not enough for Tony – that Tony’ll always love Gibbs more.)

For all the sweet words and tender kisses, Tim can’t help being scared. It took his almost walking out of Tony’s life for the older man to realize he wanted their relationship to be more. He already spent too much time being jealous of Gibbs when he thought their boss might make a move. And now he’s jealous of the man’s shadow.

He’s just too happy. Tim can’t remember the last time he was this happy. And now he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Gibbs is either going to realize his mistake or Tony’s going to change his mind.

Lying with Tony in his bed, Tim mentally goes over the day. He replayed every look, laugh, and head smack between Tony and their boss. He wants so badly to believe nothing is there but ‘little Timmy’ who was teased all through his childhood, finds it hard to trust what he knows to be true. Nothing is going on. He loves Tony and Tony loves him.


Tim’s told Tony he loves him a handful of times. Tony always just kisses him senseless afterward.

Maybe Tony doesn’t love him…

Tony shifts in the bed, his arm wrapping around Tim’s chest. It’s a comfortable weight, anchoring Tim to the present, the time they’re together. Shifting himself, Tim turns so he’s on his side facing the older man. He leans forward until his forehead is pressed against Tony’s. “Have I a hope with your heart?” he asks the sleeping man, begging for an answer.


Title: Break My Heart

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 237

Characters: Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 3, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Maybe by Emeli Sande (The boys breakup.)

Tim stood in the door of his bedroom. Tony was standing in front of the closet, trying to get his things together. It hadn’t been hard to mingle shirts, socks, and shoes. It had been easy to make room for Tony in his life, in his apartment, even in his bathroom. And now the extra hair care products were lying haphazardly in a gym bag while Tony threw his clothes on top. Tim had never known Tony to treat his clothes with anything but care. After all they cost an arm and a leg on their salary, but he was in a rush to get out and it showed in how he just bunched things up and rammed them in the bag.

“Maybe you could stay a bit longer,” Tim started. “Or I could try a bit harder,” but they’d had this argument before.

“There’s nothing to try,” Tony spat out, anger bubbling over. “It comes down to trust. You trust me to have your six when we’re working but when the days over,” Tony turned and pointed a finger at Tim. “You don’t trust me.”

“I do,” Tim insisted. “I do trust you. We could make this work.”

“No, I don’t think we can Tim,” Tony’s voice was soft, the emotion still there, but quickly fading into defeat. “I need to go.” Then he grabbed his bag and strode out of the apartment, leaving Tim behind.


Title: Butter You Up

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 390

Characters: past Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 3, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: I Love You by Sarah McLachlan (It’s hard to keep the distance out of the office.)

It wasn’t easy, keeping all the hurt feelings out of the office; Tim could see why Gibbs had set up Rule 12. For the brief but wonderful honeymoon period when everything had been great, he and Tony had made a fantastic team. The both of them, with Ziva and Gibbs had always been a great team, but when he and Tony had started dating, the bar had been raised. It was amazing how everything had clicked into place, the long hours flying by, the most gruesome crime scene made more bearable because they weren’t alone. And he’d felt safer than he had in a long time because he knew he and Tony would watch out for each other. But that all had been yanked away when the older man ended things.

The elevator dinged and Tim entered the bullpen. He’d brought coffee and donuts for everyone. Gibbs was already at his desk, of course, as was Ziva. It seemed he’d beaten Tony in. He passed a coffee to Ziva who thanked him with a smile. Gibbs just grunted when Tim placed the cup on his desk. Tim put the box of donuts on his desk and opened the top. He’d gotten something everyone would enjoy, but mostly he’d gotten Tony’s favorites. He hoped every small gesture would tell Tony how much he loved him and wanted him back. He still hoped they could work things out.

A little while later Tony came up with Abby at his heels. With a grin she swiped a donut and kissed Tim’s cheek in thanks. Then with a, “You’re the best Timmy,” the whirlwind was gone. Tony eyed the donuts; he always had a hard time passing up sweets. But instead of taking one, he muttered some excuse to Gibbs and headed for the elevator. And even though their Boss would probably kill him, Tim got up and followed.

“Tony, please,” Tim said as he caught up with Tony by the elevator. He put a hand out but the older man easily dodged the touch.

“I’m gonna take the stairs…” Tony said, daring Tim to follow. Then he ducked through the exit and out of sight.

And you just walk away…” Tim muttered and headed back to his desk. He dug into his paperwork so he wouldn’t have to see Ziva or Gibbs’ stare.


Title: Blood

Author: blumvale

Rating: PG

Words: 441

Characters: past Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 3, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift (featuring The Civil Wars) (A case goes badly.)

“You gotta hold on Probie. Bossman’ll be here soon.” Tony face was pale, the bloody cut he had on his forehead in bright contrast to his skin. Absently he wiped at the wound, smearing the red mess.

It was supposed to be an easy pickup. They’d gone to pickup a Petty Officer’s girlfriend for questioning when the fact that she was an accomplice in a triple homicide became painfully obvious. Before slashing the tires of her own car and stealing Tim’s, Alison Hardin has knocked Tony in the head with a hammer, and shot Tim once in the gut and once in the shoulder. What made matters worse, other than the blood spilling out of McGee’s wounds, was they were in the boondocks. Since his cell couldn’t find a signal, Tony had found a landline and called 911 and Gibbs. But it would take sometime for anyone to reach them. Tony had found some first aide supplies in Hardin’s house, had done his best to patch Tim up, but nothing stopped the gauze from becoming thick with blood.

Awkwardly, Tony moved Tim into a sitting position, and moved in behind him, like husbands do with their wives in Lamaze class. “You’re gonna be fine Probie.” He assured again.

“It’s been a while since you called me Probie,” Tim muttered, his voice tired and slow.

“Yeah, well…” Tony didn’t know what to say to that. Silently he prayed to a God he wasn’t sure he believed in. There was so much blood. To get his mind off the quiet roaring in his ears, Tony started to hum. “Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound,” he murmured softly, not sure if the younger man could even hear him.

“Did you really just sing Taylor Swift? Do you have a concussion I should know about?” Tim interrupted.

“I head it on the radio once,” Tony defended.

“Yeah and I’m sure you sang along with all the other fifteen year old girls.”

“Shut up Probie,” Tony demanded, even though he really wanted Tim to keep talking. The banter was familiar and nice, reminded Tony of how things had been before it went to shit. And if he was still talking then there was a good chance he would be alright.

“Ok, but don’t think for a second, I’m not gonna tell Ziva how you like Taylor Swift. And you know Tony, I-” Tim turned his head to look Tony in the eye.

Tony gulped and then pressed a quick kiss to Tim’s forehead. “Tell me later Tim, later.”

In the distance the recognizable siren of an ambulance came in loud and clear.


Title: Full Circle

Author: blumvale

Rating: G

Words: 386

Characters: Tim/Tony

Spoilers: if you watched past season 3, you’re good

Disclaimer: Sadly not mine – but I think most people who put up disclaimers say the same thing

Song Prompt: I love You More Than Words Can Say by Otis Redding (Tony tells Tim it’s been him all along.)

Tim woke slowly. His limbs felt heavy and they made a convincing argument to go back to sleep. But Tim fought off their insistence and tried to open his eyes. His hand felt warm and he turned his head to see why. He didn’t remember it getting injured.

Tony was sitting next to his bed. He’d taken Tim’s hand in his own and was holding on for dear life. Tony’s eyes were closed but his rest was not peaceful; Tim could tell by the crease on his forehead that was partially covered by a bandage. To get the older man’s attention and to further throw off his body’s desire to sleep, Tim wiggled his fingers. Tony’s eyes shot open. “Hey! You’re awake.” He grinned happily. The pain it caused in Tim’s chest greatly rivaled the one he remembered receiving earlier but didn’t feel now thanks to some good drugs. “You gave us all a scare Probie. And you know how Abby gets when her favorite Timmy doll gets banged up.”

“Yeah, I’ll try to do better in the future.” With some effort he pulled his hand from DiNozzo’s grasp. But almost as soon as he’d gotten free, Tony had latched on again.

“No you don’t. You don’t get to almost die and then pull away from me.”

“You walked out on me remember?” If Tim’s tone was a little bitter, he didn’t care.

“Yeah and that was a mistake. God Tim… if I thought it was hard before, living without you is so painful. I don’t know how to make you believe me, trust me. But it’s you I want, not him. I love you McGee.” Tony had never said the words before and they caused Tim’s voice to catch in his throat. “I love you so much. And if you ever let yourself get shot again, then we’re really going to have a problem. Let me tell you, my heart cannot take seeing you like that again.”

“My heart can’t take your leaving again.” The words were out of his mouth before Tim could get a handle on them.

“I’m not Tim.” Tony leaned over and gave Tim a soft kiss. Then he settled back in his chair. “I’m not going anywhere. This is where I’m supposed to be.”

And finally, Tim truly believes him.



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