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Title:  Just another day at the office
Series: NCIS
Characters:  Paula Cassidy, Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, Ziva David (mentions of others)
Ratings: PG 13
Notes/Warnings: What if Paula Cassidy had continued as part of Gibbs’ team instead of Ziva?



“Morning Cassidy,” Tony called out as dirty blond haired woman exited the elevator. “I took the liberty of taking a few messages for you. You’re quite popular this morning.”

Paula rolled her eyes but she was used to Tony’s antics; considering she’d been working with him for over a year, answering her phone was almost like dropping the ball. “Why thank you, Tony. I’ve always thought I needed an errand boy.” She grinned at Tony’s scrunched up face at the returned teasing. To throw him further off his game, when Paula took the message slips out of his hand, she kissed his cheek. Tony jumped back startled; they never had let their relationship grow into what had been hinted at back in Guantanamo, not after she’d come to join Gibbs’ team. And Paula often wondered how different her relationship would have been with the flirty Italian if Gibbs’ hadn’t offered to make her temporary assignment permanent.  But Gibbs had his rules and Paula knew better than to cross them. Besides she was happy with her job. Sometimes, she thought if she hadn’t taken Gibbs’ offer she’d have gotten the chance to lead her own team, but there would still be time for that in the future.

“So,” Tony said, once he’s regained his footing. “You were called several times by a… Jim Nelson?” Tony waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“That’s because Jim’s wife had the baby last night,” Tim chimed in as he walked to his desk, coffee in hand.

“Oh,” Tony deflated as his teasing material had been taken away. “Hey,” he pointed to Tim’s drink. “Where’s mine McGoo?”

“And mine, Tim?” Paula echoed.

“Getting you coffee is not my job, Tony. Besides,” Tim turned to grin at Paula. “The barista at the place I usually go to gave me this one on the house. And it felt rude to ask for more after that…”

Slamming his hands down on his desk, Tony cheered, “Oh! Timmy’s got an admirer.”

“That’s nice Tim,” agreed Paula. “But you still get to bring in coffee tomorrow.”

“Oh, come on! Tomorrow is your day.”

“Yes, but you failed to deliver the goods today, McRomeo. So, try again tomorrow, you must…” Tony teased in a Yoda voice. “Who knows, maybe you’ll tomorrow you’ll manage the girl and the coffee in one go.”

“Good luck with that, Tim,” Paula encouraged sincerely. She was sure he could do it if he just believed in himself.

“Hmm, hmm,” someone coughed from the side and all three agents turned to see who was there.

“Ah, Ziver,” Tony mispronounced the Mossad officer’s name; he couldn’t stop himself from teasing everyone. “What beings you here today?”

Eyeing the brunette, Paula was pleased her relationship with the brunette was fairly limited to passing in the office. She knew Ms. David had helped the team out after the death of Kate Todd, but there was something about the ‘liaison’ that didn’t sit quite right with her.

“I’m just here to have brunch with Jenny. She is in her office, yes?”

“Yes,” confirmed Tony. “I saw her go up over an hour ago.”

“Thank you, Tony,” Ziva replied as she headed for the stairs.

Once Ziva was out of earshot, Paula punched Tony’s arm. “You’ve been here an hour already?”

“Nope,” Tony crowed. “I’ve been here three.”

“Whatever for?”

“To get your messages of course.”

Massaging the back of Tony’s head where Gibbs usually slapped him. “Good errand boy.”


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