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Title: Requiem Aeternam

Genre: Angst - AU after 5.07 "Requiem"

Summary: You can't save them all.


Disclaimer: Canon characters are the property of DPB, CBS et al. No copyright infringement is intended.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 534

Character(s):  Tony DiNozzo, Tim McGee, Abby Sciuto,  Ziva David, Donald Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, Jenny Sheperd

A/N:   Sorry this took so long to get up and I am terrible with these kinda stories… I tried really… but my mind had no where to go

Chapter One written by </a></b></a>proseac
Chapter Two written by </a></b></a>merzibelle
Chapter Three written by ncischick09
Chapter Four written by </a></b></a>dragonheart
Chapter Five written by </a></b></a>blumvale 
Chapter Six written by snoopmarymar
Chapter Seven written by </a></b></a>whiteink


“Well… I mean,” Abby stammered. “Someone was trying to kill him. Obviously uh… well Bossman drowned,” she didn’t meet Tony’s eyes at that part. Tony felt a stab of guilt run through him. Ziva’s words were still in his head but if Abby couldn’t meet his eye, maybe she didn’t agree with the Mossad officer. “So whoever it was didn’t succeed. But I found trace elements of alkaloidal toxin on the bag that Gibbs had the money in. I just, I had to run every test I could think of. I just didn’t know what else to do… I was in the lab and I had to… I had so much time before, after the we went to Stillwater… You remember this toxin right Tony?” Abby turned and looked at him briefly before averting her gaze to McGee.

“Uh…” Tony racked his brain, trying to remember what she was talking about. “Didn’t that have something to do with our first case with Kate?”

“Yup. So I don’t know where Bossman got the bag or the money he used to negotiate for Maddie, but they had taipan venom on them. Gibbs and the men you shot,” Abby looked at Tony again and gave him a small smile. Tony reasoned that even if she did blame him for Gibbs’ death, she was happy he’d shot the two men and saved Maddie. “They were all exposed to it. Gibbs had the most because he had the bag and money in his possession the longest, but I did find traces of it on the men’s hands.”

“What toxin is this?” Ziva interrupted. Obviously she’d never heard how Kate had come to join the team, long before her brother took her from them.

“I’ll tell you later,” Abby said with an air of impatience. “I haven’t told the Director yet. I hid the results because, well, we have no idea what it’s connected to. And after I saw the results, I kinda snooped on Bossman’s computer. I didn’t know what to look for and I can’t really tell you what I found but there was stuff, messy stuff.”

“Maybe I can get on it later,” Tim piped up.

“It looks like he’d been digging into something for a while.”

“We can all dig,” Ziva agreed.

“Yeah,” Tony nodded his head. His mind was swimming. How had he missed Gibbs’ side work? How had he not known? Why hadn’t Gibbs asked for his help? He could have helped… he could have done more. Tony leaned back in his seat and snagged another piece of toast. “So we have no idea what Davenport knows or doesn’t know.”

“And whatever we find out, we have to keep it on the down out.”

“The down low,” Tony automatically corrected. “Yeah Ziva, Whatever we find out we have to keep secret.”

“Well, we should keep Jenny in the loop. She’s the one who told me Davenport was looking into this in the first place. And you know how close she and Gibbs were. She could be a real asset to us.”

“Why don’t we see what we find first and then we can let her know, ok?”

“Ok Tony,” Tim, Abby, and Ziva agreed.

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Date: 2012-08-04 09:10 pm (UTC)
dragonheart: (Default)
From: [personal profile] dragonheart
OMG - I love this. You ran with it girl!

I will link over to LJ when I get home tonight.

This is shaping up into a grand little mystery!

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Date: 2012-08-06 05:42 pm (UTC)
proseac: (Default)
From: [personal profile] proseac
The plot thickens!! I never imagined when I started this that it would go in this!

Can't wait to see what Snoop comes up with...


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